Custom Engraved Medic Alert Bracelet Petite 5 to 6 Inch Sterling Silver Allergies Children's Bracelet - Hand Engraved

Item Description

This petite bracelet is all sterling silver, with a nice sturdy flat cable link chain that is adjustable for 5 or 6 inch length. The front of the thick oval plate is embossed with the medic alert insignia, then highlighted with red enamel for visibility. 

Medical engraving will be done in the block style to ensure that in an emergency - it is easy to see and read. Since there isn't much room on this plate, the engraving is limited to very short, simple conditions, such as peanut allergy, bee sting allergy, diabetic, or as an alternative, I could also engrave a phone number on there. 

More Medic Alert

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